About Me

Tim BladesI made my first jewellery at an evening class in Manchester. More fun than working in an office, I moved to Bristol and into a new Craft Centre and discovered that I could earn a living from my craft.

After a couple of years feeling that I was getting into a rut I went to Art college for a year, not as much fun as I had expected, but I did discover that I could draw.

Then  20 years of mixed retail, wholesale, shows and repairs. Nothing very striking but I did learn my craft, try lots of techniques, make a LOT of jewellery, and finally get back to the wax carving and casting that I wanted to do when I was at college.

The last years without a shop, (scary at first), have pushed the casting in both directions, large with maquette sized casts for sculptors, from the time I spent working with a local foundry on vacuum casting. Tiny waxes carved under a microscope, when I couldn’t see to do the fine work on 6mm panels of Celtic knot-work. It’s amazing what you can do when you push yourself.

At last a style developed! And with it a lot of experimental techniques, Mitsuro, hollow beads, specialist tool-making for the micro work, and even a bit of CAD.

I now still do casting for others as well as myself, occasional weekend casting classes, and supply a few galleries and the Gloucestershire Guild shop in Cheltenham.

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