Casting Classes 2020

I have been casting jewellery for about 25 years , and for the last few years I have run a couple of weekend Casting classes in the summer. These are a short introduction to lost wax casting.

The first day you will carve a wax model and invest it in plaster. It then goes into the kiln overnight and you will vacuum cast it the next day, clean up any roughness, and then make a vulcanised mould and inject liquid wax to make copies.

The course is aimed at jewellers who have perhaps done a little casting at college, but I have had students with some craft skill who have produced very creditable results. you will then be in a position to carve your own models and send them off to a trade caster.

I provide a tool and book list, sources for equipment, and I also sell some wax carving tools and generally have secondhand copies of the best book on the subject, Lawrence Kallenberg Modelling in Wax for jewelry and sculpture.

New Dates for 2020 below



6th-7th June 2020

1st-2nd August 2020


You will be carving a pattern for a ring, sized to your finger, it may be possible for you to do a different object(I have had some leatherworkers make buckles) but a relatively simple design is the most successful if you haven’t worked in wax before.

I have gone back to a two day course since that seems to suit people better, it does mean that we have less time for wax carving, so we will all have to work faster! The course costs £300.00 for the two days, this includes £20.00 for materials and lunches. I will cover mould making and sizes and weights of your model, I aim to smooth your path over some of the problems I had when I started.

If you are interested please email me and I will send you an application form and answer any questions.


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