Sawing jig 3

Most of the patterns I do for casting are carved in wax. Many years ago I bought a microscope (which is another story for a different post) and straightaway it was so much easier to see what I was doing. As well as the waxcarving I do find it very useful for stonesetting and other fine work. I have made quite a few tools for working under the microscope to cope with the restricted space. A couple of years ago I decided to make some patterns for snowflake stud earrings that were sawn out with an 8/0 sawblade. There is just enough space under the microscope to get the sawframe in, but the top of the frame gets in the way, you have to peer around the side and it’s not easy.

It occurred to me that if I tilted the sawing jig forwards at the top, as long as the saw was still at right angles to the top of the bench pin I could follow the pattern on the metal.



This is the first one I made, a bit rough but it does the job.


Checking that it is a right angle with the top of the bench pin


I got an adjustable height bench pin holder from Rio Grande, an extravagance, but it does stop you hunching over your work.


And here is the result, a five pence piece shown for size, 18mm for the coin. All sawcuts are vertical, and a slight advantage is that you can only see the sawblade not the frame so all your cuts are on the line!

4 thoughts on “Sawing jig 3

  1. Bridget Prideaux

    I have some of your mistletoe earrings, bought by my son at Bath Christmas market whilst he was a student at Bath Uni. Every Christmas they are brought out, and every year someone wants to buy a pair!

    I’ve struggled to find your website – are you still making jewellery?

    I just wanted you to know how much your work is admired. Thank you.

    1. bladesworks Post author

      Hi Bridget,

      yes still making! You can contact me on I now do a much larger range, although the prices have gone up quite a bit, I couldn’t do Christmas Market prices for long
      . I don’t have an outlet in Bath but I sell through Brewery Arts in Cirencester and The Guild @51 in Cheltenham, or you can visit my workshop near Tetbury, but I don’t have a shop of my own any more.


  2. Leah Munting

    Hi Tim,

    Apologies this is very out of season, but are you considering making more snowflakes for this year? I think they are beautiful earrings and would make stunning brooches!

    All the best,


    1. bladesworks Post author

      Hi Leah,
      I only do the earrings at the moment, I have studs and drops in stock at the moment. I will think about brooches, they haven’t been as popular lately.
      best wishes,



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